Summer Remedies at Home

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Kavita Cola Amazon Now Its Summer July Campaign-50

So far my summer has been packed full of sunny trips, good friends weddings, wedding planning of my own and a house move on the cards. All of which have been a marathon of fun but overall definitely taking a littl....READ MORE

Beauty In a Box


Tili Beauty Box Kavita Cola x

Tili Box. Since talking more about beauty on the blog, people often ask me what my favouri....READ MORE

Floral Dress Overload

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Kavita Cola Floral Summer Dress Edit-5

So... have a guess - It's that time of year and I'm obsessing over anything whimsical and floral right now. If you read my blog often or even tune into my Instagram, it's fair to say I like to 'throw-things-on' an....READ MORE

London Girl


Kavita Cola Chinti and Parker London Girl

Year upon year the fashion circle spins and there are a few conventions that I’m not letting go of anytime soon. Beginning with the ca....READ MORE

A Night at The Westbury, Dublin

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Kavita Cola Travels - The Westbury Hotel in Dublin-29

My recent visit to Dublin staying at The Westbury Hotel in the heart of the city, got me wondering why I don't venture out to new cities more often. Whilst being amazingly located sur....READ MORE

Beach to the Streets

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Red Mango Dress-2

Isn't it weird how to even imagine the winter when it's summer... or when it's freezing cold, windy and rainy to imagine calm skies and sunshine? I find this bi annual occurrence baffling every time thus until th....READ MORE

The Perfect Fit

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The Perfect Fit - My Walk In Wardrobe -14

I've been wanting to do a post about recycling clothes and making sure everything you have fits how you want it to. Unless you're one of those lucky people who tend to fit into every....READ MORE

Red Crew

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Kavita Cola Aldo Red Shoe-24

When I started writing my blog I remember having a distinctive rant about the power of the red lip. I'd have to have a good scroll back to pinpoint it but it was something that I stil....READ MORE

Everyday MakeUp


Kavita Cola Everyday Make Up Routine-34

I often get asked on what makeup I use on a daily basis so here we have it in the form of an 'everyday makeup' routine. To state the obvious if you read my blog: I LOVE makeup in gen....READ MORE

The Season

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Kavita Cola for LK Bennett The Season-4


Bath Time


Bathtime KavitaCola Spring-3

Bathtime has recently gone to the back of the to-do list as I'm sure it's the same for most people. But when I get there - it's the most underrated things that I vow to schedule into ....READ MORE

The Off Cuts

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Isabel Marant Matches shirt Kavita Cola BANNER-12


But First, Vitamin C

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Vitamin C Skincare

As the sunnier days are starting to kick in, my skincare regime changes. With more and more exposure to sunlight there are a few extra components that are not just SPF (Sun Protection Factor) but are all about Vi....READ MORE

Matches Sale Alert

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Sale Buy from Matches-1

There's something about an easy to wear shirt to me that is everything. Throwing on a pair of good jeans with a pair of converse and a speak-for-yourself-shirt like this one above is the best feeling ever. I'm ha....READ MORE

The Sari and My Indian Side

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Needle and Thread Sari Bridal Kavita Cola-11

Finally I get to involve an element of 'Indian' on my blog that very much holds a strong part in me. Get ready for some cheese! I'm sure there are lots of British Asian girls too that whilst being Indian or 'asian....READ MORE

My current makeup bag


March Makeup Bag-1

From being a little late comer when it comes to makeup, I have turned into quite the contrary. I literally do use every item in my bag, much to my fiancés annoyance when we travel. Yup I always need holdall lugga....READ MORE

Sweet for my Suit

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White and Pastels-8

I have a huge love for all things over sized. Though, as a smaller person I have to be rather strategic about how I get my oversized fix in. Today it's in the form of a crispy jacket ....READ MORE

That Ethnic Touch

Fashion, Style


Always after a staple me... usually in the form of a neutral colour and often a denim. During this season when the coats are being slowly ditched, it's the perfect time to spruce up m....READ MORE

Weekend Glow


Saturday Make Up-5

Usually on the weekend during the daytime I want to look and feel fresh faced with a bit of a glow, like the start of summer time. Not too caked but just enhancing facial features ensuring really clear and glowy s....READ MORE

Fresh Veg

Fashion, Style


Don't you just love those dreamy mornings when all you have on the list is to waltz around in a floaty dress to your local vegetable stand to buy your fresh fruit and veg for the week? As much as I wish I could ....READ MORE

Sharp Smart

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KAVITA COLA Sharp Smart - Patent Trench and Theory Bag and Levis T-5

Working as a freelancer sometimes it takes that little extra kick up the arse to fix up and look sharp. Especially during the colder months it's quite the mighty challenge for me, as it's tempting just to keep it ....READ MORE

90s Puffers and Scrunchies

Fashion, Style

TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-11

Puffer jackets and scrunchies for me have recently just been limited to supermarket and gym trips, without much consideration of whats underneath (or what my hair is doing that day). ....READ MORE

Red on Red

Fashion, Style


'Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance'READ MORE

That Second Hand Bag

Fashion, Style

KavitaCola for Vestiaire Collective JW Anderson Bag-24

Since being more able to justify spending a few extra pennies on a hand bag, my choices still tend to stay in the calculated realms of making each one really worth it. Put it this wa....READ MORE

Gone Sassy

Fashion, Style

KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-24

I don't know whether it's the sporadic sunshine or London Fashion Week around the corner but I feel slightly springy at the moment, yearning to wear a bit of colour and inject a bit of sass into my life via my war....READ MORE

Indian Grunge with House of Tabla

Fashion, Style

KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-14

When I started writing my blog, it was always a plan to mix in an Indian element of fashion but I never quite knew how. As I go about go about my bustling London life, there seem to be seldom opportunity to go all....READ MORE

SkinSpo by Nurse Jamie

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KavitaCola Nurse Jamie LA-22

Having not yet embarked upon the world of 'surgery' (botox included) with no immediate plans of doing so either, I had the pleasure of meeting Nurse Jamie on her recen....READ MORE

Wardrobe Classics

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KavitaCola The Classics-9

I’v always been very conscious of fashion and clothes in general ever since I can remember. I went through all the different stages like being a girly girl when I was a young there wa....READ MORE

Old Dregs with New Threads

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KavitaCola Polo Layering-3

So this is the prime time of year for me where inspiration is running on the low side, hair is in the need of some major loving and my skin is feeling super thirsty. I also am so bad with the cold weather that I o....READ MORE

Song Saa Private Island: Cambodia Part 2

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KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-200

Quite quickly into our trip my need for makeup went straight out of the window and our sole purpose for a few days was to relax. We enjoyed delicious of food on the most stunning back d....READ MORE

Song Saa Private Island | Cambodia Part 1

Style, Travel

KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-69

A few months ago my boyfriend and I decided to make a trip the East to visit by brother who works in Hong Kong. As the Far East isn’t your usual hop-on-h....READ MORE

Colour Matching with Clinique

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Kavita Cola for Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer-3

Last week I made a recce to the Clinique store in Londons Covent Garden to try Beyond Perfecting, the all in one foundation....READ MORE

PVC does Aprés Ski

Fashion, Style


I'v always been rather upset by the fact that I'm not (yet) a skier, at this stage largely because I don't get to fully indulge into super trendy  apréa ski garms. As I'm more of a....READ MORE

The morning After

Fashion, Style


Following on from a 2016 year full of surprising and not all that news (Trump and Brexit and a strong streak of grey hair) my year ended with a few sparkly surprises in my personal and work life which I'm very ha....READ MORE

Festive Lux

Fashion, Style


This season seems to be calling on loads and loads of velvet. It makes you feel warm and lux just by just looking at it. A a good fitted jacket allows for something totally slinky and sexy in the form of a negl....READ MORE

Don’t Mind If I Baileys



Amongst a series of wilful attempts this year to become more healthy, coffee is something I rarely have however I do make a few special exceptions. That is, for the perfect espresso martini! With so many festi....READ MORE

Ruffles and Sparkles

Fashion, Style


A little something something thrown together on a cold winter day. I often question whether I'm bringing something to the table on the fashion blog front, however am comforted by reminding myself that my blog star....READ MORE

Winter Favourites

Beauty, Lifestyle


In the colder months I can't help but to want to spend all my time at home. Ideally this involves cooking as much as possible, re-arranging all the 'bits and bobs' which always accumulate, baths, catching up o....READ MORE

Cozy with Vanity

Fashion, Style


When I started my blog, I remember always talking about dressing in contradiction. This new crossbody by MCM worldwide called the Rockstar vanity case has arisen the topic again. By this I mean it's way more fun....READ MORE

My Clinique Clique



Clinique is always a beauty brand that has played a little role on my shelves. Mainly due to my mum. She always used to use the toners, cleansers and moisturisers when....READ MORE

Back To School

Fashion, Style


Whilst channeling a more grown up and sophisticated 90s look, with the help on this MCM Worldwide rucksack I'm very much fulfilling some k....READ MORE

Grunge with trash

Fashion, Style


Working through my fashion conventions, brings me to blog about the oversized denim jacket. Whilst being born towards the end of the 80s, I do feel like a 90s kid at heart. This is by way of Kurt Cobain, The Spice....READ MORE

The Winter Knit

Fashion, Style


It's so weird that during summer it's almost impossible to even consider wearing knitted jumpers. Finally getting used to the idea of winter (with the help of some jing....READ MORE

A Suited Crossbody

Fashion, Style


Since the crossbody bag has become a wardrobe staple in my wardrobe, I have always worn it with casual esque attire. I'm talking, trainers, oversized jeans and jumpers. Probably due to it's easy utilitarian 'throw....READ MORE

Home Comforts

Fashion, Lifestyle, Style


Me this week. Amongst meetings out and about in London, spending a day in my comfies catching up with all the little things that have been piling up like organising my ....READ MORE

Everyone needs a boyfriend Tweed

Fashion, Style


I bought this boyfriend tweed jacket this time last year, to pleasantly find that it's right back into stock again this season. It's admittedly not the warmest of jace....READ MORE

Yawn London

Inspiration, Lifestyle, Style


Did anyone else have trouble sleeping last week? Finding excuses whether it's the weather, hormonal imbalances or the moon - something just wasn't right. With a little bit of help from Yawn London pajamas in pink ....READ MORE

Fancy Pants

Fashion, Style


I do have a tendency of dressing on a wild card ever so often. Whether it's the art school student within me, recent artistic events like Frieze London or the subliminal need to go against the grain, dashes of gli....READ MORE

Everyday I’m Ruffling

Fashion, Style


A good black and white check has been going strong ever since for ever, this little number with a bit of ruffle takes it to a new league. So many gorgeous online brands have popped u....READ MORE

Let’s Prolong the Bronze

Beauty, Lifestyle


Whilst October is well underway and as much fun there is to look forward to like layering coats, wearing fancy boots and socks and obviously - Christmas (yikes) the signs of summer s....READ MORE

Fall Glad Rags

Fashion, Style


Fall dawns upon us far too quickly. It feels like only a week or two ago that we hit a rare heatwaves in September. Moving to fashion this puts so many of our seldomly worn summer rags only purchased a couple of m....READ MORE

Nude Moon

Fashion, Style


Moving away from my usual denim get up, I'm drawn to all elements of metallic. Starting with converse in my last post, metallic fashion seems to be everywhere I look. ....READ MORE

Autumnal Maximal

Fashion, Inspiration


This is a really exciting time of the year in fashion. Whether you are or not part of the London Fashion month cohort, it filters right the way through to the high street where we are out with the old and in with ....READ MORE

All Day Everyday

Fashion, Style


Taking it right down to the basics today by wearing I feel most comfortable in, a great pair of jeans. When everything else is variable I ....READ MORE

The Power Hour

Fashion, Lifestyle, Style


Generally I'm not to not complain about anything on my blog, however a little knee injury that I have been suffering with since JUNE this year has held be back slightly on the exercising front. This also has taken....READ MORE

Seasonal Scents

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Call me Tata

Fashion, Style


It isn't often that my fashion inspiration comes from that of a notorious Columbian drug lord's wife, fictionally named Tata on the Netflix series of Narcos. Based on Pablo Escobar, who began the supply of cocaine....READ MORE

South of France Looks

Fashion, Style


On my summer holiday to the South of France, friends and I thoroughly enjoyed bottomless local rosé, sandy beaches, an abundance of great food whilst discovering lots of pretty little vil....READ MORE

A Treat from Bicester Village

Beauty, Lifestyle, Style

Smythson Bicester Village KavitaCola-11

Who would have thought I'd be able to get my hands on a Smythson jewellery box? It's a piece of luxury that I im....READ MORE

Seren London

Fashion, Style

Seren Jumpsuits Kavita Cola-19

You know when you come across a one piece outfit and you're like ahhh... that feeling that you've just won something. The perfect outfit for special event that's so easy to wear, yet is designer and stands out as ....READ MORE

The Bangle

Lifestyle, Style

Georg Jensen France-8

The bangle is something everyone has a run in with at some point of their jewel-drobe. Whether it's a special birthday or a present from a loved one they hold a long term significance like no other. Me right now

Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Style

Holiday Essentials-1

501 Levi's denim shorts in every colour. They are my ongoing staple. Nothing new here but they truly are the base to most looks for me. Kind of like onions in cooking (....READ MORE

Kick Flares and Gucci Florals

Fashion, Style


I subconsciously Guccified myself the other day. Embroidered floral denims seem something of a fad, which I can't help but to buy into when it's staring me at the face in Zara with a ....READ MORE

Current Handbag Situation



I'm a real randomo when it comes to the contents of my handbag. I usually have a least three on rotation in one week. Each time I'm forgetting bits and bobs in the previous bag and picking up new bits that I feel ....READ MORE

The Blue Palace Resort Greece

Fashion, Lifestyle

Blue Palace Crete-49

This July I had the pleasure of visiting The Blue Palace Hotel in C, a perfect summer getaway. Mornings tended to begin like the above ^ with an infinity pool on our terrace, room service got taken to the next lev....READ MORE

Weekend Beauty Essentials

Beauty, Lifestyle

Weekend Away Essentials MakeUp-6


Summer Denim Culottes

Fashion, Style

Kavita Cola

It's taken me some time to adjust to a different type of denim. Whether it's body shape or height summer denim culottes seem to have escaped becoming a staple part of my wardrobe. After coming across these denim c....READ MORE

Bedouin Studios

Fashion, Style

Kavita Cola for Bedouin Studios-6



Fashion, Style

Kavita Cola Blush Pink-2

 I'm obsessing over this blushy pink colour recently. I'm wanting it on my bedsheets, my sofa, my tiles in my bathroom and accenting elements of my wardrobe. When I picked up this trench in the Mango sale last we....READ MORE

Eve Sleep Dream

Inspiration, Lifestyle

Kavita Cola Eve Sleep-3

Last week I had one of best mornings so far this summer at The Nap Station at The Old Truman Brewery in East London in collaboration with eve Sleep - The go-to mattress company which cer....READ MORE

Lurex Allure

Fashion, Style

Kavita Cola Zara Missoni Dress-13

My ongoing obsession with lurex continues with this gorgeous long length cardigan worn as a dress, reminiscent of myself as a 90s kid. I remember when I was at school with one of my best friends, we used to scour ....READ MORE

Summer Glam


Kavita Cola Summer Glam Edit-4


To The Nine London

Fashion, Style

To The Nine London-3

Since online and digital retail is taking over the world, it's sometimes easy to underestimate the satisfaction of shopping in a beautifully curated and well thought out boutique. The new one on the block READ MORE

Million Dollar Mermaid

Fashion, Style

KavitaCola for Million Dollar baby-11

Going back to one of the most beautiful settings to date; Morocco. This red onepiece swimsuit was newly initiated in the pretty back drop of Riad Giulia where it took its first dip and poolside prance one sunny a....READ MORE

Londons Calling

Fashion, Inspiration, Style

KavitaCola for Black white and red-8

I often take for granted the amazing surroundings of this incredible city we live in! Other than posting about some of my favourite new picks from the sales like my sandals and gingham shorts from Mango and m....READ MORE

Smooth Summer Skin

Beauty, Lifestyle

KavitaCola for Scrub Love Bath-30

Even as someone of Indian origin, there is always a minor element of anxiety to whipping off my kit immediately when the summer months kick in. Having been hibernating under jeans, m....READ MORE

Wedding Season Wrap Dress

Fashion, Style

KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-15

I know something very topical with regards to shopping around this time of year is buying occasion dresses. With wedding seasons, summer soirees and trips abroad everyone seems to be ....READ MORE


Fashion, Lifestyle, Style

KavitaCola for NA-KD-1

Join me this weekend on my Snapchat @KavitaCola collaboration with NA-KD online. Get 20% off this weekend ONLY with the code Kavita20 at the new online boutique that nails cool, ....READ MORE

A Year On with Philips Lumea for The Stylist

Beauty, Lifestyle

Philips Lumea Legs-5-3

When I started writing KavitaCola.com I collaborated with Philips and The Stylist Magazine to test out their much talked about I....READ MORE

Thread Talks Chinti and Parker in Morocco

Fashion, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Style

KavitaCola for Chinti and Parker-5

Speaking of comfortable clothing against my skin was the topic of one of my first ever blog posts last year. Since coming of age (another thing I love to ramble on about) it's importa....READ MORE

Floaty Floral France


KavitaCola Topshop Dress Cannes-21

It's becoming more and more usual to find love on the high street. On this occasion in the form of a floaty floral dress from Topshop. As much as the ar....READ MORE

Plage Cannes

Fashion, Lifestyle, Style

KavitaCola Magnum-3

In the midst of 2016s Cannes Film Festival was the amazingly on point Magnum beach bar launched by girl of the moment Kendal Jenner. More about the sweet tooth later. It was great tri....READ MORE

Asceno In Morocco

Fashion, Lifestyle, Style

KavitaCola for Asceno-7

In April we enjoyed an overdue relaxing (with a little bit of party) weekend in Morocco. I'm not entirely sure why I haven't been to Morocco before? It's absolutely beautiful from the architecture, the colours, t....READ MORE

Summer at Festival Number 6



Last year got involved the the fullest extent to the boutique music and arts festival of Festival No.6 on the stunning Italianate coastal village Portmeirion in Wales. I'm no festival queen but I have been to a f....READ MORE

My Curly Hair



Whilst being a fashion junkie, one of the on going life conundrums that I deal with on a daily basis, like I'm sure many other women out there is my hair. From day one I have had very curly hair. When I say curly ....READ MORE

Head To Toe

Beauty, Hair, Style

KavitaCola Bardeau Blowout 2

As someone with high maintenance hair I'm always in search of a quick and easy blow dry. This week I paid a visit to the new blow dry bar The Bardou inside The Library Club in Londons Covent ....READ MORE

Wide Leg Denim

Fashion, Style


photos by Anna SundalWide leg jeans | READ MORE

Love Yourself

Fashion, Style


Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Fashion, Style


Since the weather has been cold it's so much easier to subscribe to uncomplicated hues of denim blue, grey, white and black when it comes to daily dressing. However the sporadic glimpses of sun rays begin to inspi....READ MORE

& Other Stories via The Debrief

Fashion, Style


As a contributor to The Debrief online, Grazia Magazines online outlet, I regularly get out on the field to check out what's new in the shops. Essentially to have a real graft and sel....READ MORE

Sleeves Yes Please

Fashion, Style


It's always great to come across a garment that speaks for itself. Going with the notion of simplicity, a top like so with billowing sleeves needn't be overloaded with heavy styling....READ MORE

Each X Other at PFW

Fashion, Style


Following the buzz from New York, London and Milan, comes the finale of Paris Fashion Week. My self and my fellow fashion blogger friend Rosie Fortescue too....READ MORE

The Leopard Print Coat

Fashion, Style


Channeling a fierce casual look today with my new leopard print coat from Mango. Leopard print is always available every season y....READ MORE

Alright dahlin

Fashion, Style

KavitaCola for Chinti and Parker Cashmere 6

Nothing like a catcall on a comfortable cashmere sweater to kick start the early signs of spring. This time of year, like most others, comfort and not freezing is one of my main priorities. I'm not usually one for slogans sweaters, however....READ MORE

Walking Hearts

Fashion, Style

Chinti and Parker Heart Skirt SS16 KavitaCola 3

It's rare I venture out of my fashion comfort zone and wear a longer skirt. I honestly find them quite tricky to style up without looking like lamb dressed as mutton, or just feeling ....READ MORE

Double Denim

Fashion, Style


It's often that I revert back to double denim. A look that always seems justifiable over the years despite being rarely at the height of 'fashion forward' style. While fashion fads pr....READ MORE

Valentines Day Gift Edit

Beauty, Lifestyle, Style

Valentines Day KavitaCola

Happy Valentines day to all the lovers out there. What a great excuse for presents, to someone special or just yourself of course. Oddly enough I have always been rather adverse to Valentines day due to my cynical mind ....READ MORE

January Favourites



It's February I know, but I thought I'd do a blog post about a few of my favourite things that I did or just happened in January. If you follow me on Instagram it's usually full of them and recorded as I go along so I ....READ MORE

White Kicks

Fashion, Style

New kicks @victoria_shoes  #linkinbio

As it goes I'm a huge comfort junkie whenever possible. Since working for myself I try to make the most out of being comfortable of course whilst taking a bit of 'cool' into consider....READ MORE

The Daniel Wellington Watch

Fashion, Lifestyle, Style

15% off one of my favourite watch brands @danielwellington www.danielwellington.com using the code KAVITACOLA  #WithLoveFromLondon

It's not often you find something that sums up the epitome watch. With so much choice out there it's hard to choose something with such sartorial simplicity and I think READ MORE

Cold Classics

Fashion, Inspiration, Style


I thought I'd put some of my favourite wardrobe classic looks that keep me inspired in the sunless months. I'm a much ....READ MORE

The Shearling Jacket

Fashion, Style

Masscob Shearling Jacket KavitaCola 2

I'm generally a better person all around in the summer. I am more excited about getting out of bed, more motivated to work out, more inclined to wear colour and all the while gregario....READ MORE

A Balanced Brunch at Belgraves


Pleanish Juice Brunch at The Thompson at Belgraves 7

This weekend I had the pleasure of a lovely brunch at Pont St Belgravia with Plenish Juices and their new ....READ MORE

Work Casuals

Fashion, Style

Masscob Khaki Jacket 1

Although most jobs in the creative industries don't require you to wear a suit and heels it's sometimes nice to embrace into the more casual elements of 'work-wear'.

For this lo....READ MORE

Wintery Whites

Fashion, Style

Dinny Hall Winter Whites 7

It's not often that I mix white into my winter fashion wardrobe. Generally I keep it to black and throw in colour and contrast around that.

However....READ MORE

Fraying is Slaying

Fashion, Style


I'm all about the fraying. So seems to be everyone. Over the last year or so we saw a lot from the young designer Marquis Almeida who is queen of fraying, and it seems to have caught ....READ MORE

Birthday Suit

Fashion, Lifestyle, Style

Birthday Suit Atea

Another year another birthday! After a lovely day with some friends, a blow dry at AER Blow Dry Bar and a lovely at home mani and pedi booked through the aw....READ MORE

Happy New Year


Theory Polo and Topshop Flares 1

It feels great to be back to in London from a great break out of the city. Life can get claustrophobic sometimes in London, despite it being home. Even if I don't leave the country, I find myself coming back aft....READ MORE

The Overcoat Edit

Fashion, Style

ASOS Coat KavitaCola 2

The time of year is calling for something oversized and neutral to work with 90% of my current wardrobe. Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I like to kill a few birds with one stone, so something t....READ MORE

Furred Lines


James Lakeland KavitaCola 4

It's officially cold. It didn't quite settle in after returning from my trip to Vietnam but is beginning to hit home. I'm always left in a slight state of confusion at this point: do-I-wear-a-coat-do-I-not kind of....READ MORE

Viet Silver Lining

Inspiration, Lifestyle, Style

Fusion Maia KavitaCola Vietnam Danang 10

After the city stop in Hanoi, road trip to Ha Long Bay and back, a flight to the warmer south: Danang, a three day break at The Fusion Maia was much necessary. A real spoil with two treatments per day from massag....READ MORE

Vietnam Diaries: Halong Bay

Fashion, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Style

Vietnam Diaries 2

After beginning our Vietnamese adventure in the city of Hanoi, we made a 48 hour trip to one of Asias most amazing landscapes: Halong Bay.

The name Halong translates in Vietnamese: '<....READ MORE

Topshop Partywear Covered via The Debrief

Beauty, Fashion, Style

Topshop Party Christmas Debrief Kavitacola 3 COVER

A lovely morning spent scouring Topshop in search of six of my favourite party outfits for READ MORE

I’m In Love With the Polo

Fashion, Style

Sparkley Polo 3

Sparkly polo! Along with the amazing 70s rift we are experiencing in fashion right now, on the shows and onto the high street, the sparkly polo is a must have at the moment.


Knits and Kicks

Fashion, Style

Vans Blog post 5

As much as I refrain from weather rants on my blog, I'm british so I'm going to do it anyway. It's getting really really cold and now my fashion mind is onto layering. It's hard to always stay feminine when doing ....READ MORE

Attention to detail

Inspiration, Lifestyle, Style


Aside from fashion I have a sneaky little obsession with things for the home - I thought it was all of us but a dear friend of mine recently told me that I should share some interior posts on my blog. Ever since b....READ MORE

Paris Utility

Fashion, Style


On Parisian dressing; I wanted to go to town on this trip so I did.

Picking out my wardrobe felt easy by sticking to simplistic, utilitarian and muted blue tones with a pop of r....READ MORE

Double Tweed Indeed

Fashion, Style


I took myself to Paris over the course of Paris Fashion Week. The city grows on me more and more on me every visit. Without getting overly cringeworthy I always feel incredibly inspired on a fashion and make-up no....READ MORE

All The Best from COS Via The Debrief


Kavita Cola Debrief Cos 1



Suede Days

Fashion, Style

Olive Suede Shirt KavitaCola 3

I think it's safe to say that suede has begun to become a staple this year. A 70s revival that came upon us last year has lasted well into fall this season. From stripy lurex tops, elongated hemlines and A line su....READ MORE

A Dismal Day Out at Dismaland

Fashion, Lifestyle

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Upon a conscious effort to step up my cultural game this summer, I recently made a trip to one of the UKs most recent tourist attractions created by the artist Banksy. As many of you w....READ MORE

Red Army

Beauty, Fashion, Style

CHANEL Fitzrovia KavitaCola 8

It's often that when I come across a real piece like this gorgeous new AW15 Chanel number, I feel obliged to completely play the rest down. Perhaps it might be influenced with the gym....READ MORE

The Shirt Top

Fashion, Style

The Shirt Top Zara KavitaCola

I am involved in a regular conundrum the second someone suggest 'drinks' somewhere in the West End of London (Mayfair). What - do - I - wear? Of course depending on the company if it's somewhere in W1 my usual ass....READ MORE

Blue Hues

Fashion, Style

Blue Hue Senso Kavitacola 13

I'm challenging my own obsession with black shoes by throwing bright white gladiator sandal by Senso in the mix today. For me this kind of behaviour is only acceptable when you keep it really clean everywhere els....READ MORE

Cool and Comfortable

Fashion, Style



Summertime Sadness

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With it being mid summer and all I can't help but to feel slightly nostalgic already of the summer we've had so far and the dwindling amount we have left. Attempting to see the glass half full on an August rainy d....READ MORE

Denim Duty

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Zara Chloe Dungarees 4


One Piece Wonder




Elle Styles

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ELLE-SOHO-15 copy

There's nothing like a buttery leather to make a look pop. I had to give the virtually impossible answer to the team at Elle Magazine: 'How would you describe your style?'.


Pretty little things

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KavitaCola Celine Yellow Sunglasses 7

My summer wardrobe is still itching to come into full flight. Perhaps I'm going to have to save it for little trips abroad this summer coming up! Instead I thought I'd spice up some of my usual basics with some ne....READ MORE

Florals and Fringes

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So here's the result of my ever-so-often Topshop splurge. I can never seem to resist it for a quick fix, perfectly appropriate for those sudden bursts of London sun. On a slight tangent from the conventional clas....READ MORE

Smooth Legs with Phillips Lumea for The Stylist



Not quite my inside leg measurements but now you know about the ins and outs about my hair removal regime. Blogging is about being personal right?


Testing the Phillips Lumea with The Stylist


KavitaCola Philips Lumea for Stylist

Advertorial for Phillips Lumea by The Stylist

Hair today, gone tomorrow with the new IPL hair removal system the Phillips Lumea I hope. Summer is on the way and the forever burden of ....READ MORE

Back to Basics

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Equipment Shirt Alexa for AG Denim KavitaCola 4

Whilst the seasons are changing I am always in a mindset of de cluttering my wardrobe in order to make room for more exciting purchases. As much as I am partial to a ridiculous pop of colour or a gregarious print ....READ MORE

Dungarees Please

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DUngarees Please Featured Image 111

It’s not often I come across one piece wonders like these, and when I do I will wear them out completely. This particularly snug pair of dungarees with a little black tank does the job for me, intentionally feel....READ MORE


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There is something rather satisfying about wearing loose fitted clothing top and bottom. I think this goes well under the debate of whether your'e dressing for girls or for guys. *not....READ MORE


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Celine Green Skirt Banner 1

There is nothing like finding a vintage item of clothing that you love. The theory is that everything in fashion has already been ‘done’ so to speak. Once upon a time, that piece existed in its own context and....READ MORE

Denim Flirts


Denim Zara Skirt 8

Denim is in the air! It seems to be wherever I go and now more inventively not just in the form of a staple jean. The long denim skirt is one of the 70s classics (Check out Jane Birkin one of my favourite style icons who always seemed to get ....READ MORE


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Suede all day errday this summer. Self Service the amazing bi-anual magazine aka fashion bible has done a gorgeous, nostalgic and glamorous fashion story inspiring me for this post. Malgosia (the model who always knows)....READ MORE

Material Girl

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You may cringe at the thought of ‘winter’ and ‘bare legs’ in the same sentence, however, with this piece I aim to bring the two together in an epic clash. Cool winter tones wi....READ MORE

In Training

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Coats and trainers Kavitacola 2

Our city commuters have been doing for years (most often cluelessly) swapping their comfortable trainers into stilettos around the block from the office, you know who you are. And now? A definitive style that grac....READ MORE

GHD with The Stylist Magazine


KAVITA18 The Good Life Eatery ZOOM (1 of 1)

That was fun! Check out a day in the life of myself while trial and testing the GHD C....READ MORE