Everyday MakeUp


Kavita Cola Everyday Make Up Routine-34

I often get asked on what makeup I use on a daily basis so here we have it in the form of an 'everyday makeup' routine. To state the obvious if you read my blog: I LOVE makeup in gen....READ MORE

Bath Time


Bathtime KavitaCola Spring-3

Bathtime has recently gone to the back of the to-do list as I'm sure it's the same for most people. But when I get there - it's the most underrated things that I vow to schedule into ....READ MORE

But First, Vitamin C

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Vitamin C Skincare

As the sunnier days are starting to kick in, my skincare regime changes. With more and more exposure to sunlight there are a few extra components that are not just SPF (Sun Protection Factor) but are all about Vi....READ MORE

The Sari and My Indian Side

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Needle and Thread Sari Bridal Kavita Cola-11

Finally I get to involve an element of 'Indian' on my blog that very much holds a strong part in me. Get ready for some cheese! I'm sure there are lots of British Asian girls too that whilst being Indian or 'asian....READ MORE

My current makeup bag


March Makeup Bag-1

From being a little late comer when it comes to makeup, I have turned into quite the contrary. I literally do use every item in my bag, much to my fiancés annoyance when we travel. Yup I always need holdall lugga....READ MORE

Weekend Glow


Saturday Make Up-5

Usually on the weekend during the daytime I want to look and feel fresh faced with a bit of a glow, like the start of summer time. Not too caked but just enhancing facial features ensuring really clear and glowy s....READ MORE

SkinSpo by Nurse Jamie

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KavitaCola Nurse Jamie LA-22

Having not yet embarked upon the world of 'surgery' (botox included) with no immediate plans of doing so either, I had the pleasure of meeting Nurse Jamie on her recen....READ MORE

Colour Matching with Clinique

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Kavita Cola for Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer-3

Last week I made a recce to the Clinique store in Londons Covent Garden to try Beyond Perfecting, the all in one foundation....READ MORE

Winter Favourites

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In the colder months I can't help but to want to spend all my time at home. Ideally this involves cooking as much as possible, re-arranging all the 'bits and bobs' which always accumulate, baths, catching up o....READ MORE

My Clinique Clique



Clinique is always a beauty brand that has played a little role on my shelves. Mainly due to my mum. She always used to use the toners, cleansers and moisturisers when....READ MORE

Let’s Prolong the Bronze

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Whilst October is well underway and as much fun there is to look forward to like layering coats, wearing fancy boots and socks and obviously - Christmas (yikes) the signs of summer s....READ MORE

Seasonal Scents

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A Treat from Bicester Village

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Smythson Bicester Village KavitaCola-11

Who would have thought I'd be able to get my hands on a Smythson jewellery box? It's a piece of luxury that I im....READ MORE

Me right now

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Holiday Essentials-1

501 Levi's denim shorts in every colour. They are my ongoing staple. Nothing new here but they truly are the base to most looks for me. Kind of like onions in cooking (....READ MORE

Current Handbag Situation



I'm a real randomo when it comes to the contents of my handbag. I usually have a least three on rotation in one week. Each time I'm forgetting bits and bobs in the previous bag and picking up new bits that I feel ....READ MORE

Weekend Beauty Essentials

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Weekend Away Essentials MakeUp-6


Summer Glam


Kavita Cola Summer Glam Edit-4


Smooth Summer Skin

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KavitaCola for Scrub Love Bath-30

Even as someone of Indian origin, there is always a minor element of anxiety to whipping off my kit immediately when the summer months kick in. Having been hibernating under jeans, m....READ MORE

A Year On with Philips Lumea for The Stylist

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Philips Lumea Legs-5-3

When I started writing I collaborated with Philips and The Stylist Magazine to test out their much talked about I....READ MORE

My Curly Hair



Whilst being a fashion junkie, one of the on going life conundrums that I deal with on a daily basis, like I'm sure many other women out there is my hair. From day one I have had very curly hair. When I say curly ....READ MORE

Head To Toe

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KavitaCola Bardeau Blowout 2

As someone with high maintenance hair I'm always in search of a quick and easy blow dry. This week I paid a visit to the new blow dry bar The Bardou inside The Library Club in Londons Covent ....READ MORE

Valentines Day Gift Edit

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Valentines Day KavitaCola

Happy Valentines day to all the lovers out there. What a great excuse for presents, to someone special or just yourself of course. Oddly enough I have always been rather adverse to Valentines day due to my cynical mind ....READ MORE

Topshop Partywear Covered via The Debrief

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Topshop Party Christmas Debrief Kavitacola 3 COVER

A lovely morning spent scouring Topshop in search of six of my favourite party outfits for READ MORE

Red Army

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CHANEL Fitzrovia KavitaCola 8

It's often that when I come across a real piece like this gorgeous new AW15 Chanel number, I feel obliged to completely play the rest down. Perhaps it might be influenced with the gym....READ MORE

Smooth Legs with Phillips Lumea for The Stylist



Not quite my inside leg measurements but now you know about the ins and outs about my hair removal regime. Blogging is about being personal right?


Testing the Phillips Lumea with The Stylist


KavitaCola Philips Lumea for Stylist

Advertorial for Phillips Lumea by The Stylist

Hair today, gone tomorrow with the new IPL hair removal system the Phillips Lumea I hope. Summer is on the way and the forever burden of ....READ MORE

GHD with The Stylist Magazine


KAVITA18 The Good Life Eatery ZOOM (1 of 1)

That was fun! Check out a day in the life of myself while trial and testing the GHD C....READ MORE