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It’s becoming more and more usual to find love on the high street. On this occasion in the form of a floaty floral dress from Topshop. As much as the argument of not buying such an ‘off-the-rack’ dress, I feel as though the mass of options of new dresses there are, combined with the rates of which they are released, overall supports the notion of just going for it and buying the dress!

I can’t count the amount of times I see a dress or top (years later) that I recognise out and about, or worse, tried on and didn’t buy in Topshop or Zara! #DressFomo is never a good feeling. It’s also nice to just wear dresses with more of an nonchalant attitude. I am a serial shorts and tank top kind of girl during the summer and it takes a bit of gearing into for me to just throw on a dress during the day and even night time.

Anything off the shoulder seems to be a massive hit all over the land of retail this summer and it’s great to see this feminine style come back to the forefront. I think hues of blue and white in floral, with the back drop of the Riviera is a winner in any decade. My new moto this summer – buy the dress! All the shopping details are below. x

KavitaCola Topshop Dress Cannes-14KavitaCola Topshop Dress Cannes-15 KavitaCola Topshop Dress Cannes-30 KavitaCola Topshop Dress Cannes-17 KavitaCola Topshop Dress Cannes-19 KavitaCola Topshop Dress Cannes-20 KavitaCola Topshop Dress Cannes-22KavitaCola Topshop Dress Cannes-21

Dress | Topshop

Wedges | Topshop

Sunglasses | Taylor Morris London

Necklace | Alex Monroe

KavitaCola x


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