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Testing the Phillips Lumea with The Stylist



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Hair today, gone tomorrow with the new IPL hair removal system the Phillips Lumea I hope. Summer is on the way and the forever burden of hair removal is rising higher on my list of priorities!

I know it’s a bit of a gross and personal thing to talk about, but let’s be honest it’s an issue we all face as women. As a contributor at The Stylist I was asked to trial and test out the new IPL (Intense Pulse Light) hair removal system, the Phillips Lumea designed for personal use at home.

A little more from my hair removal history: I have had professional IPL treatment on my bikini and underarms and was very pleased with the results – yes you can kiss ingrown hairs goodbye, this is no myth and literally changed my life. I am particularly excited to be testing this out to top up my ‘done’ areas, smoothen up my legs and also have a little go on my upper lip just because I can.

I have started using the Lumea and look forward to sharing the results with you via The Stylist and my blog so stay tuned. Questions are welcome via email. x




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  • Sabrina bagria


    I’ve just brought the phillips IPL have you seen a difference ? I have really thick natural black hair and I just shaved and tried it and couple of days my hair grows back with took longer than normal but my hairs are still sharp. I normally wax so the growing shaving part is annoying I just wanted your honest review or what it’s been like for you so far

    kind regards


    • Kavita

      Hey Sabrina,

      I have had very good results with the Phillips Lumea so far, so I would definitely say give it some time and keep at it. I think the key to the best results is consistency. There is also nothing to say that you can’t wax as well as shaving; stick to your usual routine but just keep on using the Lumea whilst your legs are smooth so the IPL reaches the follicles. That’s when it works at it’s best.

      Hope that helps and let me know how you get on!

      Kavita x