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That was fun! Check out a day in the life of myself while trial and testing the GHD Curve Classic Curl Wand. I’m usually a blow dry kind-of -girl who likes to use a big round brush to achieve different variations of a soft wavy look. However this rather easy to use wand does do the trick and ensures your hair is held in place once styled. What differentiates this Curve from most other tongs is that the wand itself is flattened which instantly gives you relaxed waves as opposed to loose ringlets.

For an all over look, work through the hair from the bottom whilst separating it diagonally when doing each wave. I use the GHD Curl Hold Spray, lightly spritz all over and brush it out before using the GHD Curve. I always like to use some kind of heat protection product to keep my hair in good condition. Wrap sections of hair around the wand and hold it for about 8 seconds (diagonally). Once done make sure that your hair has cooled down which ensures the wave will hold throughout the day. Tip your head upside down and give it a shake (to Taylor Swift), run your fingers through it, or even use a wide toothed comb to separate the locks. Put a touch of spray to hold it in place if you wish and from here you are good to go! Shop what I used below:

GHD Curve Classic Wand

GHD Rootlift Spray

GHD Curl Hold Spray

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