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There’s nothing like a buttery leather to make a look pop. I had to give the virtually impossible answer to the team at Elle Magazine: ‘How would you describe your style?’.

As a fashion lover since I can remember I am guilty of embracing a lot of trends as I find most things exciting, get obsessed then get bored very easily. After working in the industry for a few years now wardrobe space is tight so I only make room for things I truly love and know will wear (of course I leave a pocket of space for a wild card every now and then, it’s the Carrie Bradshaw within).

I described my personal style as dressy casual (#dressycaj) which is timeless, quality and understated with a few on trend pieces that pop. It’s the notion of generally having a simple wardrobe consisting of classics, which I do love to talk about, and then throwing in some sunshine whether it be a special designer bag, a piece of jewellery or in this case a flash of colour.

I think my look here sums it up, can you see how buttery the lovely Bimba y Lola skirt looks? YUM. The striped jumper or pullover is from new designers Trager Delaney, whom I had the pleasure of graduating with at Central Saint Martins #fashionfriends. With their brand motto of innovative and functional luxury, combined with their skills in knitwear and design they are certainly a design team to keep an eye out for over coming seasons. The shoes here are a true favourite by Grenson and their comfy too. From city slicker to fashionista, everyone needs a pair of black brogues in their wardrobe. See all outfit details below, and make sure you pick up your copy of Elle UK Magazine this month.


Cotton and nylon stripe top | Trager Delaney

Leather skirt | Bimba y Lola

Brogue shoes | Grenson

Bag | Cambridge Satchel Company

Sunglasses | Eye Respect

Watch | Cartier

Earrings | Fendi

Photos by Vicky Adamson

In collaboration with Elle Magazine


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