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The struggle is real. Whilst the joys of wearing dresses from day to night is prevalent, dealing with the heat whilst being pregnant hasn’t been the easiest. It’s quite nice to finally cover a little ‘maternity’ specific fashion on the blog which I haven’t done much of so far. The dress I’m wearing is from the lovely maternity brand Isabella Oliver. It’s one of the few maternity lines that I’m a real fan of mainly due to the simplicity of the brand.

One thing I’ve really noticed with maternity dressing is that having a bump is for sure an accessory in itself, so going overboard in the styling is a bit of a no no. I’m a simpleton at heart when it comes to styling anyway, I do think that less is more and I feel like this is even more the case when you’re pregnant because there is a huge bump in the centre of your body. Isabella Oliver really nails those simple cuts in dresses perfectly catering for a bump of all months and taking you after all the weird and wonderful size changes that your body might be going through.

If I’m going to wear a bodycon dress I have to style it down. I’ve always felt a little self conscious in a bodycon dress and heels as I feel like it’s a bit ‘out there’. I think they are really flattering especially if you want to show off your bump. Why should tight dresses be limited to evenings right? I’m all for getting optimal use out of the clothes you buy, so wearing this lovely numbers with a trusty pair of New Balance trainers, my height of ‘now’ Jacquemus¬†bucket bag (I’m obsessed with Jacquemus by the way – follow his Instagram account immediately) along with an old Levis jacket keeping the look a little grungy and undone. The dress could also be worn with a pair of kitten heels and a big tote. I’ll refrain from going into the world of options this lovely cut one shoulder Isabella Oliver dress is capable of and leave the rest to your imagination so I hope you like the rest of the post. I have attached similar dresses along with the credits below. x

Dress | Isabella Oliver

Trainers | New Balance

Bag | Jacquemus

Sunglasses | Zara (similar here)

Denim Jacket | Levis


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