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Vitamin C Skincare

As the sunnier days are starting to kick in, my skincare regime changes. With more and more exposure to sunlight there are a few extra components that are not just SPF (Sun Protection Factor) but are all about Vitamin C. I was always generally under the impression that supplement vitamins are to generally taken in tablet form, however when it’s ingested its absorption is limited by active transport mechanisms in the gut, so it’s far more efficient being applied topically onto the skin. This will explain why loads of skincare brands have cottoned onto the benefits of putting a higher potency of Vitamin C in their products. Overall it promotes collagen production which maintains elasticity in your skin which is vital for anti ageing. Sounds good to me!

I used the above products this weekend which pretty much felt like a Vitamin C facial and honestly woke up with the most amazing feeling skin, despite having a weekend in the sun and probably not enough water. I started off with Cliniques Fresh Press Renewing Powder which mixes with water to create a thin and foamy cleanser. I followed this with the Murad Intensive-C Radiance Peel left on my skin for about 10 minutes. After patting my skin dry I applied the Ole Henriksen serum packed with Vitamin C, followed by a normal Clinique Moisture Surge cream where I mixed in a drop of Clinique’s Fresh Press Daily Booster in the moisturiser.

I’ve also  been using Vitamin C-24 by Indeed Labs which is a general all round favourite to wear under your daily cream and protects my skin from the London grime. It feels like silk when you apply it too!

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