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KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-1

When I started writing my blog, it was always a plan to mix in an Indian element of fashion but I never quite knew how. As I go about go about my bustling London life, there seem to be seldom opportunity to go all out and where the full gear, bindis and all. When I was younger I used to go on countless epic trips to India and I remember getting so into the kurta tops and chunky jewellery; I know all the ‘gap ya’s’ did the same too.

On my recent trip to Hong Kong I met the founder of a wonderfully Indian brand called House of Tabla. Proud to be one of their UK Ambassadors I hope to be running a little wild with some of their gorgeous transitional pieces mixed in with my London getup. House of Tabla designs really beautiful pieces with a core element of India, celebrating heritage luxury and amazing embroidery techniques.

This kaftan style top with the hip tie would be so easy to wear on the beach but quite frankly most of the time I’m in the city and can’t wait to wear it.  Wearing it in more of a grungy context with one of my favourite battered leathers and some kick flare jeans, I hope to mix more of an Indian element to the blog and this is a great start. House of Tabla boutique is opening on Walton Street in London which is super exciting – I love seeing a bit of India in London. Full outfit details are below. x
KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-4 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-7 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-8 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-9 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-10 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-11 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-13 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-14 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-15 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-16 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-17 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-19 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-20 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-22 KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-23KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-25KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-26KavitaCola for Tabla Fashion-24

Top | House of Tabla

Jeans | Mango (similar here)

Leather jacket | Topshop

Sandals | Celine

Handbag | Chanel Vintage

Sunglasses | Celine

Photos by Frances Davison

Kavita Cola x


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