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Moving away from my usual denim get up, I’m drawn to all elements of metallic. Starting with converse in my last post, metallic fashion seems to be everywhere I look. I guess a ‘fashion person’ is supposedly more likely to rock out in a metallic skirt than the non-fashionista, however even for me it is one of those ‘time-and-a-place’ kind of things. Since the world is becoming so Gucci-fied and maximal this autumn I feel really up for replacing my denim skirt for my silver one, and not hesitating in wearing it with a shimmery stripe top too.

Whilst lurex has been trending since the 70s, and metallic boxy fit garments since the 60s, Netflix has graced us with Stranger Things. Their sci-fi 80s series based in a fictional American sleepy town has left an imprint on the fashion world. I say no more, and I look forward to reading the new issue of So It Goes Magazine where one of the leading characters ‘El’ will grace the cover. You MUST watch Stranger Things if you haven’t already. It’s like a cross between The Never Ending Story and E.T. with a touch of Home Alone.

So since writing the copy to this blog post and look, it seems that an overload of metallic in the shops, as well as popular culture television (Netflix) Stranger Things, yet again played some subliminal role in inspiring my wardrobe. Today I have replaced my denims to metallics and shimmering knits from Zara, with some lovely pointy flat shoes by Pretty Ballerinas which are the comfiest leather that just mould to your feet perfectly. As you all know I can’t seem to get enough of my Saint Laurent cross body bag, a great little twist of muted brown leather to throw in with the metallics which takes on a nude twist on metallics as opposed to the usual monochrome styling. Check out all outfit details below plus some other of my favourite silver looks.



kavitacola-nude-moon-14 kavitacola-nude-moon-15 kavitacola-nude-moon-16 kavitacola-nude-moon-17 kavitacola-nude-moon-18 kavitacola-nude-moon-19

kavitacola-nude-moon-21kavitacola-nude-moon-20kavitacola-nude-moon-22 kavitacola-nude-moon-23 kavitacola-nude-moon-24

Silver metallic skirt | Zara (similar here and here)

Stripe knitted top | Zara

Pointy flats | Pretty Ballerinas

Cross body bag | Saint Laurent

KavitaCola x


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