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Whilst being a fashion junkie, one of the on going life conundrums that I deal with on a daily basis, like I’m sure many other women out there is my hair. From day one I have had very curly hair. When I say curly I don’t mean a bit wavy, I mean ringlets, coarse, unpredictable hair with a mind of it’s own.

I go through phases where I embrace the curls to give my hair a break from the constant blow drying and straightening, but either way it is constantly in need of TLC (tender loving care) in other words: moisture.

I have always been hoarder or good conditioners. With all the the blow drying, one that deeply nourishes my hair but also leaves it feeling light and clean after washing is a winner for me. When I blow dry it straight I always use a leave in conditioner, and more often than not, smooth out my hair with a serum once it’s dry.

When leaving my hair curly I don’t really have a particular routine, as I find it changes all the time depending on my cut at the time and the weather – literally! The general rule of the thumb as I already touched on, is what my hair dresser Limoz always tells me is keep it moisturised. Curly hair is curly because it has an uneven distribution of a keratin from the root follicle. This causes the hair to kink creating curls and makes it more prone to being dry and coarse.

 I generally like to keep my hair quite long because it’s easier to style when it’s curly, as short hair would just spring up which isn’t the look I’m going for. To focus on a product that has never let me down over the past few years, is MoroccanOil. An oil / serum / leave in conditioner whatever it is, it’s probably the best thing that I have come across that moisturises my curly hair without making it greasy. I put it on when it’s wet, and dry and sometimes a day later if I want to tame it. There are lots of different types of hair oils that come under the umbrella of Argan Oils, which I have tried however MorocconOil is the brand I stick with because it smells amazing and works wonders for my locks.

I have attached the links of where you can buy all the MorocconOil products below. If you have any curly hair conundrums or great products that you’d like to share with me, please do let me know as I’d love to hear more! KavitaCola x

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