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Song Saa Private Island: Cambodia Part 2

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Quite quickly into our trip my need for makeup went straight out of the window and our sole purpose for a few days was to relax. We enjoyed delicious of food on the most stunning back drops from from curries on the beach, to wood fired pizzas in the shade and a full spread for breakfast on stilts on the sea. The best part was that all my vegetarian tendencies and sporadic gluten free preferences were seamlessly catered for. With the focal point of the island being health and wellbeing, we enjoyed massages and treatments followed by afternoon tea (Cambodian style) with fresh ingredients like lemongrass and ginger where we had a private set up in the jungle and got stuck in the making process, taking some great tips back home too. The half day trip to the Five Mile Beach was truly breathtaking and a must when visiting the island. Whilst pinching ourselves most of the afternoon it still remains to be one of those ‘did that even happen?’ situations when referring back to it, with a white linen picnic served in Indian style ‘tiffins’ on the most luxurious  make shift beach set up I’v ever witnessed. Only the pictures can really do it justice.

On one of our daily hikes around the island, my boyfriend took me to a private path leading to a board walk on stilts covered in rose petals, with draping white linen and a two man round sofa with a tray of pink champagne and wild fruits on our setting, with some happy jazz hands as he wished me a happy one year anniversary. Being far from the romantic type I felt overwhelmed by this super out of character gesture, but my mindful self at the time just went with it as it was generally amazing thing to be happening. We chit chatted for some time whilst absorbing the setting and amongst our chatter he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes, and the rest!

On the morning of our departure we enjoyed a buddhist blessing from the local monks which left us with an omniscience that made this trip stand far apart from your regular escape to the sun. The guest services team and everyone at Song Saa went over and beyond our expectations to facilitate our needs with zero fuss as it was so inherent. Knowing that it all came from a conscious place made it all the better. I don’t think I have ever been anywhere that has nailed conscious luxury with 360 degrees of serenity quite like Song Saa. It was magical. All my outfit details are below! x

KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-16KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-18KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-15KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-21KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-24KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-25KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-19KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-23KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-40KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-41KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-200KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-38KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-209KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-201KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-44KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-45KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-46KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-48KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-50KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-51KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-208KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-202KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-207KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-204KavitaCola Song Saa Private Island-205

White and grey glacier silk shirt (the proposal) | Octavia Hix

White scalloped tunic dress | Beach Cafe 

Red swimming costume | Hunza G from Beach Flamingo

Tortoishell round frame sunglasses | Taylor Morris London

White silk jumpsuit | Raquel Allegra

All at Song Saa Collective

Kavita Cola x


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