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A little something something thrown together on a cold winter day. I often question whether I’m bringing something to the table on the fashion blog front, however am comforted by reminding myself that my blog started with an intention of displaying my journey through my lifestyle. Often, especially during the week I love to just roll around in baggy jeans (these are from American Eagle Outfitters) a grey knit and a black WARM coat. If I can add anything like a sparkle, a ruffle or a pop of colour I will do, a bit like frosting a cake – as long as it doesn’t take me too long.

I have been watching Simply Nigella, the one and only’s new cooking series which I’m slightly obsessed with. I just love how she’s so smug and honesy about not wanting to overly complicate her cooking but having too many steps and stages to recipes. I guess this is how I often feel about fashion, is that as much as I love it think about it a lot, I work with a bunch of basics on a revolving basis. Along the way I’m picking up pops of colour, and at this time of year little heros like ruffles and sparkles which are more of the moment that give me that wardrobe refresh regularly.

I picked up this coat from Joseph’s recent sample sale (which was amazing), which was bought in a dark navy with the thought that it would see me through a good few years of cold weather! Definitely an investment buy and completely worth it. The sparkly boots are now on sale at £25 – they kind of remind me of the Saint Laurent ones which is a winner. My Celine trio, chosen in ‘blush’ last year gives me that pop of colour. There is often a few available on Vestiaire Collective if you’re lucky. My necklace and earrings are some favourites from Dinny Hall Jewellery where you can get 15% off with the code kavita15. x
joseph-coat-and-ruffle-jumper-5 joseph-coat-and-ruffle-jumper-6 joseph-coat-and-ruffle-jumper-7 joseph-coat-and-ruffle-jumper-8 joseph-coat-and-ruffle-jumper-9 joseph-coat-and-ruffle-jumper-10 joseph-coat-and-ruffle-jumper-11 joseph-coat-and-ruffle-jumper-12 joseph-coat-and-ruffle-jumper-13 joseph-coat-and-ruffle-jumper-14 joseph-coat-and-ruffle-jumper-15

Ruffle jumper | Zara (similar here and here and loads below)

Jeans | American Eagle Outfitters (similar here)

Glitter boots | River Island (NOW ON SALE)

Trio handbag | Celine

Duffle coat | Joseph Fashion

Sunglasses | Celine

Hair | Duck and Dry

Photos by Frances Davison

Kavita Cola x


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