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Now on my second pregnancy, I joined up with skincare and beauty expert Emma Hoareau to get the best tips and tricks on how to deal with your skin during pregnancy. There are a lot of do’s and don’ts during pregnancy and often the lines are really blurred so I wanted to break it down for you and share some of the products that I have been safely using, as well as recommend further products that deal with specifics like hyperpigmentation or general breakouts during pregnancy.
 Emma and I filmed an IGTV (out now where we literally break it all down for you, and in this post are all the products we mentioned)
If you are just looking at this post I hope you can use it as a bit of an index for go to skin fixes for whatever you’re going through right now. Whether it might be dry skin, stretch marks, dark spots – we have you covered!
 The general rule of thumb is that during pregnancy you should stay away from Vitamin A which are retinols and retinoids . These ingredients are actually great for deeply exfoliating the skin which tackles things like breakouts along the whole surface area of your skin because they encourage cells to turn over renewing your skin and boosting collagen production, which also tackles fine lines – it’s a bit of a hero product in general. I like to mix it with a glow oil and apply it in the evening and make sure you use SPF the following day.



SKINCARE DURING PREGNANCY Part 1: Breakouts / Exfoliation / Retinol Alternatives / AHAs / Niacinamides / Face Oils

The key to breakouts is exfoliation and on our IGTV Emma recommends retinol alternatives for this along with AHAs and Niocinamides.


Retinol Alternatives


AHAs / Niocinamides


Oils for the face




ENZYMES / Hyperpigmentation / VITAMIN C

Emma recommends that enzymes are a great way to gently exfoliate and clearing dead skin cells off the surface, which if left on the skin can lead to bacteria and a build-up of sebum causing breakouts on the skin.



Hyperpigmentation or ‘dark spots’




 Oils and Creams

During pregnancy you want to improve the elasticity of your skin, so here are all the best oils and creams are best to use.

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