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Summertime Sadness

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With it being mid summer and all I can’t help but to feel slightly nostalgic already of the summer we’ve had so far and the dwindling amount we have left. Attempting to see the glass half full on an August rainy day (thanks England) I have put together a series of inspirational image to keep us in track.

The shops are already beginning to stock more autumnal gear, despite us coming to the middle of August the fact of the matter is the days are already getting shorter and have since June now. Anyway I refuse to get into Autumn and winter mode yet (she says) and want to continue the joys of late night warm evenings, barbeques, last minute summer escapes or perhaps the holiday you have planned your summer around. Whether in the city working, countryside chilling or on the beach completely zoning out, there is so much of it left so let’s make the most out of it.

This summer whilst being on Desi Rascals I have really tried to keep my summer wardrobe on point in dressing mainly for comfort whilst trying to intertwine that with stylish as much as possible. With the help of some great staple summery wedges, off the shoulder tops, floaty dresses and a turntable of sunglasses I have managed to keep in check. These are the visual diaries and mantras of what has helped. Hope you enjoy. x

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