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Did anyone else have trouble sleeping last week? Finding excuses whether it’s the weather, hormonal imbalances or the moon – something just wasn’t right. With a little bit of help from Yawn London pajamas in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month – I’m trying to dig a little deeper to find the remedies of achieving that good nights sleep.

I think it’s common in this digital day and age to find it hard to unwind and switch off. In all my various readings and conversations about the wonderful topic of mindfulness, it seems like the obvious answer but it is to literally do everything in order to SWITCH OFF.

In every sense of the word for the run up before bed time is key to the unwinding process. Put your phone away, switch off your laptop, dim the lights, try and avoid television (although I know for a lot of people this helps unwind – especially if it’s a midweek guilty pleasure like First Dates or a Netflix classic), have a bath, have a warm drink (try almond milk hot chocolate – no caffeine), save cryptic phone conversations till the next day, use take time to beautify yourself whether it’s a face mask or some amazing night repair treats  (amazing Estee Lauder recovery ampoules).

Try and avoid eating too late, leave some time to let your digestive system rest so if you’re eating to late you’re not allowing your body to full rest and get the most out of a full nights sleep. I’m sure a lot of this is stating the obvious but a little gentle reminder never does anyone any harm. I’m personally trying to read more, something I did more when I was younger but since becoming busier with social media I can often find myself with my laptop in my bed before bed! Trying to avoid this by leaving it out of my bedroom altogether and tucking on a pair of Yawn London pjs along with a lovely serum or night cream. I have attached some of my favourites below! x

Cotton Pjs | Yawn London

Pink book | Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe

Blue book | The Expatriates by Janice Lee 

Pillow spray | This Works

KavitaCola x


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