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I’m a real randomo when it comes to the contents of my handbag. I usually have a least three on rotation in one week. Each time I’m forgetting bits and bobs in the previous bag and picking up new bits that I feel I need on the day. This Celine trio bag, as seen in some of my previous fashion posts is still one of my most likely go to’s.

Firstly because it’s small, I have no choice but to be selective on what I choose to carry around. Secondly, it has a strap so I can be in hands free mode which is great when you’re in and out of your car or on public transport running errands. Thirdly, because it’s blush pink, which means I can throw on a pair of jeans and a t shirt and the lovely Celine trio in a buttery blush pink makes the outfit pop.

Back to the contents of my handbag, as you might be able to tell I have nothing in particular on my agenda other than pouty lips, a top up of spritz and some plastic (if I dare to shop – this is highly likely).

In no particular order of love:

Fig Fiction Hand Cream by & Other Stories – Gotta keep those hands moisturised! I run through these like there’s no tomorrow. This particular one contains shea butter which is a top notch moisturising agent along with some other favourite scents, without being overbearing. The best part is – it’s only £4!

Lip Contour in Frame by Topshop – This is the one that I can’t leave the house without. Rather similar to Mac’s Spice lip liner which Kylie Jenner raves about, this is the PERFECT lip liner outlines your lip as such to makes them look instantly pouty. This exact colour is great on my indian lip and skin tone whilst I have intensified my tan over the summer. It’s rather versatile, works really well with nude lipstick tones, but I love to just use it with a lip balm that I have handy (see below).

Lippy Cow by Cowshed – A little lip hydration never does any harm. Moving on from Vaseline this Cowshed lip moisture is simple, tiny and has a slight hint of essential oils nostalgic of a spa day which takes it to a new level of any old lip moisture.

Pure Colour Envy by Estee Lauder – I always like to have a sharp red lipstick within reach, even if it’s slightly off piste from my day plan and make up look. This Estee Lauder shade in Drop Dead Red is the perfect pick-me-up for a dramatic red lip. You JUST never know.

Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet Charlotte Tilbury – I was slightly late to jump on the Charlotte Tilbury bandwagon and I must say, I was an instant convert. This eye pencil slash shadow is the perfect eye enhancer that suits for day and night. You literally draw all over your eye line including underneath your waterline, and smudge it in with the tip of your finger to give your eye a bit of depth. Love it.

Waterproof Eyeliner by Chanel in Espresso – The eyeliner that doesn’t budge. A must, over and underneath anything eye related. I have always been a bit of a junkie when it comes to eyeliner so this one is my regular.

Celine baby Audrey sunglasses – Not just a chameo on but a leading role! I must admit since picking these up on a whim at Liberty on day, they are still on my list of top contenders. I probably ought to mix it up a little.

Card holder by Smythson – I recently replaced my old Smythson one with this one. I oddly don’t have a wallet and haven’t had one for years. This card holder does me just fine. This one is from the Panama collection, is great quality as alway from Smythson leathers and never lets me down.

Blanche by Byredo – These little 12ml vials from Byredo are the dream. With top notes of white rose, pink pepper and peony, you can’t get more floral and feminine than that. Whilst being feminine it’s light and refreshing which for me is important in a perfume that you’re going to sporadically spritz and top up during the day. It’s a gorgeous little fragrance that’s a perfect handbag size.

Celine Trio – There she is. She comes out in an assortment of colours every season. If you’re thinking about it I would check out the new ones but definitely have a browse on Vestiaire Collective as they always have lots for sale.

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