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Victoria Kicks KavitaCola

As it goes I’m a huge comfort junkie whenever possible. Since working for myself I try to make the most out of being comfortable of course whilst taking a bit of ‘cool’ into consideration. I always have to factor in the potential of a last minute meeting or dinner, so I don’t look completely under dressed.

I tend to go by a wardrobe formula that is beginning to stay consistent for those down dressed days. I think this is applicable to anyone, especially for the weekends or just those down days which whatever you do for a living, everyone has. The formula: good jeans with quality jumpers in neutral tones; I tend to go with camel, grey, navy and black. A pair of good kicks, in this case the new Victoria trainers which are super comfortable and in this case tabbed with a speck of silver (other colour choices available). The last ingredient is a great bag of your choice, this is always different for everyone and will work with old and current season. I’m a huge fan of quality leather so I have gone with my favourite wild card of a Celine Trio bag in blush pink – a recent birthday treat.

Overall keeping a good roster of quality basics like this look, allows you do have a bit of a play when it comes to bags and shoes. And, most importantly – be comfortable. Outfit deets below. x

Victoria Kicks KavitaCola 4Victoria Kicks KavitaCola 8 Victoria Kicks KavitaCola 6Victoria Kicks KavitaCola 9Victoria Kicks KavitaCola 5Victoria Kicks KavitaCola 3 Victoria Kicks KavitaCola 2Photos by Daniel O’Brian

White trainers | Victoria

Jeans | Topshop

Ribbed knit | Masscob

Scarf | Vince

Trio bag | Celine 

Kavita Cola x


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