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KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-24

I don’t know whether it’s the sporadic sunshine or London Fashion Week around the corner but I feel slightly springy at the moment, yearning to wear a bit of colour and inject a bit of sass into my life via my wardrobe. After a recent ‘it bag’ splurge via Vestiaire Collective went into my kitty to high street wonders like this mesh frilly colourful blouse; perfect for that inject of colour at this time of year.

So over the last year or so I have been much more of a straight legged jean girl, obsessing over getting that perfect jean thats tight enough round the waist and bum but give me a bit of room on the legs. As much as I love wearing straights, there is always a good bit of room in my wardrobe for a perfectly fit skinny jean. I think black ones are the best because they can be worn casually with flats as well as smartened up with a heel or pair of boots. Versatility is the key! These are The Slandy by Diesel in black which are a perfect fit and comfortable to wear. Check out the rest of the shopping details below. x

KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-1 KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-4KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-2KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-14 KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-3KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-5KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-8KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-7KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-9KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-10KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-6KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-12KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-11KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-13KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-16KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-17 KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-18 KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-22 KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-19KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-21KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-20KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-26KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-25KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-23KavitaCola for TOPSHOP and DIESEL-28

Cat eye sunglasses | Black Eyewear

Floral mesh shirt | Topshop 

Small diamond earring | Maria Tash

Black diamante earring | Missoma

Star ear cuff | Tada and Toy (for 15% off use my code ‘tribekavita’ )

Jeans | The Slandy by Diesel

Belt | Mango

Boots | Dune

Coat | Warehouse (similar here)

Handbag | JW Anderson from Vestiaire Collective

Photos by Frances Davison

Kavita Cola x



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