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I can’t quite believe I’m saying this but it’s a true fact that Justin Bieber has recently played a large subliminal role in the lives of many. Initially I tried to fight the force, but now at least one of his three recent number one hits holds a regular slot on my Spotify playlist. Beyond, I’m writing a blog post inspired by Justin Bieber.

I’v never been one for Celebrity Worship Syndrome (CWS) a new condition recently stated in The Daily Mail, however after Justin Biebers performance at the Brit Awards a few weeks back, I’m beginning to have a feel of what it might feel like (*mild sarcasm yet worrying truth*). He was wearing a gorgeous sunshine coloured silk bomber with embroidered palm trees, and kept the rest completely casual. I have seen so many sateen or silk bombers around recently by the bigger brands like Gucci and Stella McCartney and there are now plenty of well priced choices on the high street. The bomber jacket always comes round in circles. It’s on high alert on the catwalk and the streets, feeling reminiscent of the early 90s era of Saved By The Bell and Sweet Valley High.

Overall as a tribute to Justin Bieber aka ‘The Beibs’ I admit to becoming a fully fledged Belieber whilst having a ‘Love Myself’ moment; a flower run in my recent stay in Paris. We all have a room for a bomber jacket, and this one from Topshop was my favourite pick. It’s a rarity for me to trot around in heels during the day, but if you find a stable and comfortable pair like these from Topshop it’s a good quick trick to uplift a casual daytime look. Bieber gush over, all the pieces are available to shop below.


Photos by Anna Sundal

Silk bomber jacket | Topshop

Ripped skinny jeans | Free People (similar here)

Stiletto heals | Topshop

Gold hoop earrings | Dinny Hall

Trio handbag | Celine

Silk scarf on bag | Asos

Sunglasses | Celine

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