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Clinique is always a beauty brand that has played a little role on my shelves. Mainly due to my mum. She always used to use the toners, cleansers and moisturisers when I was younger and I remember going into her room during a quiet moment around the house and going rogue on them. As I got older I began to go on my own little journey of discovering beauty bits and bobs that work with my skin, my mood and the weather.

After a long time it’s lovely to re discover what Clinique products have to offer, what is still going strong and what’s new. I generally suffer from dry skin all around my body and face. I also have symptoms of psoriasis (sounds gross but it’s not all that bad) so as much as I love gorgeously scented creams, I have to have a good ‘everyday’ body cream on rotation to ensure I’m hydrated all over. Clinique Happy is amazing for that! The Pep-start creams are very gentle on the face and feel hydrating without feeling too oily on the skin after application. Once or twice a week I actually love using oil on my skin before bed, and the Smart treatment oil is gorgeous.

I can’t get enough of nude toned lip colours, especially with their moisturising element. I feel like I have turrets but hydration is really the key.

Clinique Happy body cream

CliniqueMake up remover ‘Take the day off’

Clinique Pep-start Hydroblur spf 20 moisturiser

Clinique Moisture surge intense

Clinique Smart treatment oil

 Clinique Pep-start Hydroblur moisturiser

Clinique Lipgloss

Clinique Dramatically different moisturiser 

Clinique makeup brush 

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