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90s Puffers and Scrunchies

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TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-1

Puffer jackets and scrunchies for me have recently just been limited to supermarket and gym trips, without much consideration of whats underneath (or what my hair is doing that day). I’m loving the fact that such a utilitarian jacket has come back on the scene in the light of ‘cool’. I know it’s been a bit of a pop star thing for ages which is why it’s probably reminiscent of when I was about 16, however there are so many ways to style up the puffer jacket and reinstate a slightly more ‘mature’ vibe if you style it up well. Basically so you don’t feel like a teeny bopper.

Also, aren’t scrunchies just the bloody best? They don’t make as much of a kink in your hair, they don’t miraculously disappear to the land of hair ties and odd socks as they are more substantial in size, and they come in all different colours and textures. I picked up a bunch of scrunchies last week in sparkles and velvet and they are flinging around my bedroom and bathroom with joy. Shop them here. The old fashion student in me decided to rock out both 90s conventions together, along with another of my comfort factors these Levis wedgie jeans. They fit my ‘smart casual’ but being of a loose fit but tight around the waist so I don’t feel like I have fully let myself go.

The white shirt is just a favourite of mine from the brand Each X Other. They are a Parisian brand and every collection heavily inspired by Artists. Whilst taking bias cuts and off fits into consideration they always come out with really slick and forever pieces like this white shirt. I continue to wear my Tada and Toy jewels which work so well layered around my neck and all over my ears. If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I do obsess over metal trinkets and these are my current obsession especially the star cuff! I have a 15% discount code which is ‘tribekavita‘ so be sure to make your orders.

I have attached loads of cool puffer jackets below the post. It was a bit of a wild card for me to choose something other than black, so I have gone all out and matched the scrunchy and the boots too. Enjoy x
TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-2 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-3 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-4 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-5 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-6 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-7 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-8 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-9 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-10 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-11 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-12 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-13 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-14 TOPSHOP puffers and Scrunches-15

Puffer jacket | Topshop

Shirt | Each X Other (similar here)

Polo | old Zara (similar here)

Jeans | Levis

Flared boots | Topshop

Scrunchy | Topshop

Bag | Loewe

Glasses | Rayban (sunglasses version here)

Jewellery | Tada and Toy (for 15% off use my code ‘tribekavita’ )

Tiny three diamond stud | Maria Tash

Photos by Frances Davison

Kavita Cola x


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