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A Dismal Day Out at Dismaland

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Upon a conscious effort to step up my cultural game this summer, I recently made a trip to one of the UKs most recent tourist attractions created by the artist Banksy. As many of you will know Banksy is known (or unknown) for his anonymous graffiti art around the globe – thus making him one of the most eye-brow raising modern British artists of his time.

It’s a theme park-esque set up based on the rather solemn and gritty (in a good way) British seaside town of England – Western Super Mare. I remember going there on a school trip once, which took ages and it rained the whole time whilst we went on some questionably ‘safe’ rides on the pier, ate sugary donuts and threw popcorn at seagulls – it was basically one of the best days ever.

Having hardly read anything about it beforehand, my good friend Zahra gave me a rough heads up and before we knew it we were off down the M4 out of London. As a grownup it was certainly a fun day out by being thought provoking due to having that little bit extra than that of a normal art museum set up.

From the beginning of the queue to the exit we were greeted and security checked by dismal ushers insisting that we stop smiling whilst they were wearing these ridiculous Mickey Mouse ears and their high vision jackets. Obviously when someone tells you that all you want to do is laugh. As a grownup it was certainly a fun day out which involved a great indoor display of art by some old favourites like Damien Hirst and others. The park outdoors had some kind of weird, dull, odd, off key, dismal atmosphere of a burnt up ice-cream truck, a half drowned police vehicle and a purposefully creaky merry go round with some eerie music that sounded like it had been brought back from the dead.

Overall it was a really enjoyable multi-sensory experience. With an intentional air of negativity in all aspects of Dismaland, I would highly recommend visiting over the next couple of weeks as it’s only temporary. It will surely lift your mood as it did mine. The slightly grim and rainy day made it a whole lot better. A great day out with a boyfriend or a good bunch of friends.

As to the fashion aspect of it I have put my outfit details below and you can click to shop my outfit.

Let me know if you get a chance to visit Dismaland? Would love to hear your thoughts.

















IMG_2999Stopped off for dinner and a game of pool at Babbington House on the way home – I won.

Shirt | Topshop

Jeans | Topshop

Jumper | Cos (similar here)

Bag | Chanel (similar here)

Raincoat | vintage me

T shirt | James Perse

Trainers | Stan Smith by Adidas


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