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So here’s the result of my ever-so-often Topshop splurge. I can never seem to resist it for a quick fix, perfectly appropriate for those sudden bursts of London sun. On a slight tangent from the conventional classics, I can always make excuses for a floaty floral top whilst the weather is this good. Along with a little suede fringed tote bag unconventionally brought to us by Juicy Couture (- I know right), what candid surprise away from their usual velour two piece tracksuit.

I’m definitely challenging my own notion of legs and arms both being exposed simultaneously, however the off-shoulder vibe counts as a slight cover up I guess? I can see these Topshop cut-out sandals seeing me through the entire summer as they are so comfortable for tubing, taxi-ing, driving, hopping and perfect late night summer strolls.

A special thanks to my little four legged friend Mr. Wigglesworth the Welsh Miniature Dachshund who was visiting for the day (further credits for attire and dog below).


Floral and Denim KavitaCola Topshop 3


Floral and Denim KavitaCola Topshop 3 skirt

Floral and Denim KavitaCola Topshop 4

Floral and Denim KavitaCola Topshop 2

Floral Top | Topshop

Denim Skirt | Topshop

Suede Sandals | Topshop

Sunglasses | Vintage Lanvin from TK Max

Watch | Larson and Jenning

Suede Fringe Bag | Juicy Couture

Bee Necklace | Alex Monroe

Dog | Mr. Wigglesworth (my buddies dog with a permanent smile – also up for sale)



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