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Getting right back to the crucks on my blog today feels like a huge relief. It’s been a long summer of  trips abroad, weddings, hen parties and my own civil wedding ceremony that took place (more on me now being a WIFE to come) The actual wedding abroad feels like a nice gap away so now there is a bit of down time left to get back into work mode, inhale a nice breath of fresh air and talk about the pink corduroys that I’m wearing in London today. I’m back into the groove, right where I want to be.

So as you know I’m an absolute denim junky. I think it derives from me loving the ease of wearing jeans and styling denims up with anything and everything. If I go to a press dinner or even a fancy event during the day, I feel far more in my comfort zone wearing jeans and a nice shirt than I would wearing a dress of some sort. There is something about dressing in clothes that are physically comfortable that allows me to ooze in natural confidence (in the least sleaze way possible). Like I’m not trying to prove myself in any way, keeping the vibe understated. Knowing this fact, as much as I love denim I am always subconsciously in search of something parallel that serves the same purpose in almost every way – and I feel like I’m onto something with these Isabel corduroys, like i’ve nailed it in fact.

It’s rare but amazing when I have these ‘aha’ moments on the blog, without sounding cocky but reminding me of why I chose to work in the industry of fashion, the exact reason I get that little tingle that I have (I repeat) just nailed something. I feel like cords are striking way back from the 80s. I absolutely bloody love it and wonder why they haven’t been more of a ‘thing’ recently. They are so comfy and whilst being a little Osh-Kosh be gosh (anyone remember Osh-Kosh?) it feels really cool that the garms I used to roll around in (aged 1 month to 2 years) are hitting up one of my favourite designer brands Isabel Marant which is the beginning step to seeping their way into the high street where you know it’s really becoming a thing (Mango and more).

Not to mention my Gucci kicks recently acquired from Bicester Village for sub £200 – not bloody bad right? I can never seem to get enough. Full outfit details are below. Yours truly, x.

Shirt | Aritzia (similar here)

Corduroy flare crop trousers | Isabel Marant

Sandals | Gucci via Bicester Village

Handbag | Chloe

Sunglasses | Pampelone Clothing

Necklace | Aurum and Grey

Photos by Frances Davison

Kavita Cola x


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