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Stripe Shirt 1

There is something rather satisfying about wearing loose fitted clothing top and bottom. I think this goes well under the debate of whether your’e dressing for girls or for guys. *note to self – one should ALWAYS be dressing for themselves (obviously).

As much as I do like to occasionally show off my feminine assets by wearing more fitted garments or low cut clothing, I do think there is an underlying sex appeal about covering it up and keeping it loose from time to time. Maybe do it mid week at work when you are surrounded by people who you see every day. They won’t judge you on the off chance that it might feel like a massive faux pas. The chances are, you’ll really enjoy yourself and at the least be able to do some midday lunges, with no qualms. It’s also really useful for those slightly bloated days, when you feel a bit unsexy and want to make a rebellious point out of it, appearing to have made zero effort.

If you’re short (a bit like me), try it with some wedges or heels if you dare to uphold some kind of elegance and to avoid feeling like a homeless person. I always do envy those tall girls, who can wear a baggy pair of Levi’s, a loose t-shirt, hair in a bun, with a pair of converse and still manage to look effortlessly chic. I still think it’s do-able whoever you are, with a little bit of fine tuning. Keep the shirt silky and elegant in some way. This shirt is purposely oversized by a lovely Danish brand called Custommade. Paired with the new Girlfriend Jean from Topshop and some Isabel Marant wedges to keep me stilted high, adorned with some delicate metals that always give the simple a bit more pizzazz. Outfit details below. Stripe Shirt KavitaCola2

Stripe Shirt Kavitacola 7


Stripe Shirt KavitaCola 3

Stripe Shirt Kavita Cola 8

Stripe Shirt KavitaCola 6

Shirt | Custommade

Girlfriend Jeans | Topshop

Wedges | Isabel Marant at Vestaire Collective

Bag | Chanel Vintage available from Fenwick

Pinky Ring | Lucky Eyes available from Fenwick

Scissor Necklace | Alex Monroe

Gold stud earrings | Fendi




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