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Having not yet embarked upon the world of ‘surgery’ (botox included) with no immediate plans of doing so either, I had the pleasure of meeting Nurse Jamie on her recent trip London. Specialising in non surgical beauty and skincare treatments in LA her medical spa services include skin perfecting, injectables, sculpting, slimming, shaping, tightening techniques, laser hair removal, and liquid face lifts as well as a wide range of other cosmetic laser and facial services.

Her brand itself called Nurse Jamie has some awesome beauty tools which I’m hooked to using as the make me feel like immediate results are taking place. Whilst sitting over a cup of tea at her suite at The Mandarin Oriental with Nurse Jamie it was really interesting to listen to her attitude towards skin care and the biggest question mark of anti aging. She was quite adamant that keeping a healthy diet, drinking loads of water, taking the right vitamins and protecting your skin from the sun were baseline protocols to be doing to get the best out of your skin. On top of this, using the right products and regimes on your skin from the outside will certainly make a difference. As a beauty fanatic I couldn’t agree more and by prime example of her amazing complexion I was really excited to use some of her hero tools and products from her range all of which are available to shop here or below:

The Beauty Roller

This Uplift Facial Massage Beauty Roller – pretty much does exactly what it says. It’s literally this hexagonal angled roller with tourmaline stones all over it that you gentle roll on your cheeks, chin and forehead in an upwards motion to smooth out building lines temporarily energizing, reviving and uplifting your skin. The tourmaline quartz stones have an amazing cooling effect. Nurse Jamie was saying that this prepares your skin for the best absorption to all the wonderful product you use afterwards.

Age Delay Pillow

Ok, so when we sleep, our skin literally gets pushed downwards on our pillows in the multiple directions that we sleep in or on our faces. We also by default have a favourite side to our face that we like to rest. This pillow is designed with a shape to support your neck and lumbar muscles whilst the silk lining allows your skin to restore it’s natural oils or the ones you put on before bed, overall preventing deep set wrinkles. It’s also quite easy to wash with a removable cover.

Fade to Light

The Pigment Erase bar that you rub the silicone purple brush onto with some water and massage the lather onto your skin in a circular motion like you would with an exfoliator. I have slight pigmentation on my forehead so I have been using it here and all over my face which feels really even after a good scrub as well as feeling squeaky clean.

Nu Lips

A lip conditioner that doesn’t contain petroleum jelly which is what actually dries your lips out. Along with the anti-microbial silicone lip brush which exfoliates any dead skin off your lips, again creating the perfect base for better absorption and longer term hydration for the product which contains Hyaluronic Acid which is best for securing moisture and creating fullness. BIG FAN.

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Beauty Roller


Pigment Eraser Fade To Light

Nu Lips

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