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KavitaCola Magnum-2

In the midst of 2016s Cannes Film Festival was the amazingly on point Magnum beach bar launched by girl of the moment Kendal Jenner. More about the sweet tooth later. It was great trip to the South of France in Cannes to kick start a summer of short excursions into Europe (I hope). The best part was exercising some new kicks and more summery beach clothes that seem to get more wear in London store changing rooms as opposed to actual beach environments that do them justice.

In Spring I went to the Penelope Chilvers showroom and custom made my own espadrilles for the summer. They are honestly the most comfortable pairs of espadrilles I now own and I look forward to taking them for a stroll in city when the sun is shining as well as having them as a staple in my beach wardrobe. From a price point under £100 they are a priority buy for this summer, and sum up style meeting quality.

In regards to the white shirt I’m wearing by Mango, which by the way is having a huge revival recently. Maybe it’s just me but when I was in my teens I would always traipse around Mango however in my recent years have stopped. Albeit my high street shopping has slightly slowed down in pace, however beautifully cut white shirts like for £24 from Mango is an offer impossible to decline. Of course the comeback of Mango might have something to do with the every-where-abouts of Kendal Jenner who is the recent campaign girl, however their summertime basics with such favourable price points speak entirely for themselves.

Back to Magnums, after a half day spent on the beach in Cannes, my friend and I took a stroll into the Plage Magnum to enjoy a custom adorned magnum on the beach front. I went for the dark chocolate dipped with crushed pistachios, violet flower and little chocolate chips, delicious! Great idea for a summer party: make your own Magnums.

Some of my Instagram followers might have caught wind of my new favourite sunglasses by Taylor Morris London. They are stocked in a few different colour ways now which are all highly tempting, and are available to buy below. Can’t get enough of them. Full outfit details below and more from Cannes soon! xxx

KavitaCola Magnum-3 KavitaCola Magnum-4 KavitaCola Magnum-5 KavitaCola Magnum-6 KavitaCola Magnum-7 KavitaCola Magnum-8 KavitaCola Magnum-9 KavitaCola Magnum-10 KavitaCola Magnum-11 KavitaCola Magnum-13 KavitaCola Magnum-14 KavitaCola Magnum-15 KavitaCola Magnum-16 KavitaCola Magnum-18 KavitaCola Magnum-19 KavitaCola Magnum-20 KavitaCola Magnum-21 KavitaCola Magnum-23 KavitaCola Magnum-24 KavitaCola Magnum-25 KavitaCola Magnum-26 KavitaCola Magnum-27 KavitaCola Magnum-28 KavitaCola Magnum-29 KavitaCola Magnum-30

White shirt | Mango

Denim shorts | 501 Levis

Espadrilles | Penelope Chilvers

Sunglasses | Taylor Morris London

Bag | Morocco (similar here)

Hat | Brixton at Asos

KavitaCola x


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