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This season seems to be calling on loads and loads of velvet. It makes you feel warm and lux just by just looking at it. A a good fitted jacket allows for something totally slinky and sexy in the form of a negligee underneath despite the weather being slightly on the chilly side. It’s all about which I often balance when styling my outfits. If I’m heading out to drinks of an evening during wintertime, I like to wear something practical with an element of ‘evening’ to it. This involves cherry picking the ‘evening’ and ‘sexy’ element and mix it in to my day time and practical, which is likely to involve some kind of denim and boot.

Starting from the top, my low cut tank is from Custommade which is my evening element. They have some gorgeous choices in this tank top, some in nude with lace which is just gorgeous. Then we have my denim jeans from Gap, the perfect mix of straight and boyfriend which gives me that comfortable and masculine balance. Then to my star booties (now on sale) which are a little bit of festive fun, and finally the fitted velvet jacket. This one is from Mango where they have SO many nice velvet pieces at the moment. There is a gorgeous nude velvet jacket which is next on my list to buy which I imagine would look amazing over a long dress in the halfway months or to some kind of swanky gathering.

Some kind of velvet this season is a must, just throw on a red lipstick or a gloss and let the festivities commence! #FestiveLux

Check out all of my favourite velvet picks from the shops below. x
velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-2 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-3 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-4 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-5 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-6 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-7 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-8 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-9 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-10 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-11 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-12 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-13 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-14 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-15
velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-17 velvet-jacket-and-star-dune-boots-kavita-cola-18







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