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Olive Suede Shirt KavitaCola 3

I think it’s safe to say that suede has begun to become a staple this year. A 70s revival that came upon us last year has lasted well into fall this season. From stripy lurex tops, elongated hemlines and A line suede skirts, I think the suede shirt is one of the seasons most must haves.

The wearing possibilities are broad as it can be worn as a jacket but today I have chosen something simplistic and kept it as it is. It’s also that mid season period where you can expect a burst of sunshine just after a miniature monsoon so I thought it best to embrace confusion. I teamed up this look with a pair of relaxed girlfriend jeans from Topshop and some fluffy sandals by Liudmila. The Girlfriend Jeans are a great alternative to baggy boyfriend jeans as they are more fitted around the bum.

There is something slightly mental about fluff on sandals from a utilitarian point of view however I think that in itself makes them cool, nice work Liudmila. This is happening with lots of brands from Celine, to Birkenstocks to Supergas from last season which I’m very much feeling the vibes of. Currently with the weird weather you can bet it’s the best time to justify a pair of these babies to keep your toes warm at least.

Below I have attached a few other suede shirt links that will take you directly to store along with the rest of my look today. x

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Shirt | Zara

Jeans | Topshop

Fluffy Sandals | Liudmila

Gold Bracelet | Malene Birger

Sunglasses | Finest Seven

Gold ring with 3 diamonds | Joubi Jewellery

Thin gold band | Laura Lee

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