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KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-15

I know something very topical with regards to shopping around this time of year is buying occasion dresses. With wedding seasons, summer soirees and trips abroad everyone seems to be in search of a dress with a little bit extra.

I currently have wrap dress fever! I don’t know whether anyone remembers what JLo wore at the Grammies in 2000? It was a Versace green dress with an unbelievably low cut causing a storm over the magazine and paper media at the time. The dress I’m wearing is reminiscant of just this, yet the less debauched version from an Australian originated brand called Ginger and Smart. Of course this is the much more sophisticated version (Sorry JLo) and I think would bode perfectly well with those upcoming summer soirees.

There are some beautiful wrap dresses in stores at the moment which think they are a great, timeless investment if you’re looking for some inspiration for a dress purchase this summer. I don’t think you can every go wrong with a thick silk because they hold their shape well (don’t really crease) and fit a feminine floaty and glamorous (if you like) element. A lot of the dresses from Ginger and Smart fit in this category, also adding some beautifully embossed prints on their silks adding a different dimension to the dress.

The shoes in this look are one of my favourite cheeky purchases this summer so far, now reduced to £24 from Mango and almost a like for like copy of this seasons sandals at Chloe – they come as a total steal. They have them in beige too which I also managed to get my hands (and feet) on! They are amazing for smart dressing especially when you have to tackle a whole day in heels – the perfect alternative to 6 inches. I also look forward to wearing them with jeans and t shirt too. More of my wrap dress favourites in the blog post below. x

KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-1KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-2 KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-9KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-3KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-8KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-12KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-4KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-5 KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-6KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-10KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-13KavitaCola for Ginger and Smart-7Photos by Danielle O’Brian

Silk wrap dress | Ginger and Smart (more options here, here and below)

Shoes | Mango (£24 on sale!)

Handbag | Saint Laurent

Gold hoop earrings | Dinny Hall

Lipstick | Giorgio Armani

KavitaCola x


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