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When I started my blog, I remember always talking about dressing in contradiction. This new crossbody by MCM worldwide called the Rockstar vanity case has arisen the topic again. By this I mean it’s way more fun to mix something cosy like this zip up wool jumper (unassuming) along with PVC coated trousers – which pose a high risk of you looking slightly racey.

I know it might take a bit more time for boyfriends or fathers to get to grips with, however worn with care, they do pass as simple ‘cool’. In the past I perhaps would have worn this jumper on walk in the country with a pair of jeans, wellies and an overcoat, however, this ‘nothingy’ jumper being grey, wooly, bordering ‘fuddy duddy’ transforms a look making a pair of PVC trousers look rather fresh and high fashion (yaaa). Of course with the help and dusting of this ever so special vanity bag.

The Zara knit is becoming a favourite go to jumpers for sure. The best thing about it is it’s inexpensive and high street which my wardrobe always holds a proportional flag for. I’m happy to make a fragrant stir fry or a curry whilst wearing this knit, perhaps slightly more than my treasured knits, because I can just wash it without any hassle. We can’t all buy a Celine knit per season! The PVC trousers from Zara are the beginning of a slowly growing collection of PVC items, slowly accumulating in every form of garment (more to come on the blog). The rule, as explained above: avoiding wearing PVC with a lacey top, studded heels, smokey eye or anything too sexy. Keep it chic, with t shirt and trainers or a nondescript jumper and a low heeled boot like I have. I have styled this look with a red lip with sharp red boot from Topshop as they are slightly low heeled and practical. Given this element they lean more towards the cooler side of trash rather than the super side of trash (at least in my head). The cool side is a much better place to hang!

With regards to the MCM worldwide vanity bag and the fact that everything a little bit 90s is becoming cool, I’m more and more fond of anything repetitively branded like the above in a heritage fashion. A vanity case has always been something on my list to have and to hold, so this one has fit this criteria of something that I can wear casually and when I want to dress up a little bit. There is also something that feels very lady like about holding a vanity bag which I love – they have it in tan too. You’re also not loosing your purse or lipstick in this bag either – easy access! All the outfit credits are below. x

kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-2 kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-3 kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-4 kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-5 kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-6 kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-7kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-9 kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-10 kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-11kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-13kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-15kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-18kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-20 kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-21 kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-22 kavitacola-for-mcm-worldwide-vanity-bag-23

Vanity cross body bag | MCM Worldwide

Wool jumper | Zara (similar here and here)

PVC trousers | Zara ( similar here)

Red boots | Topshop

Red lips | Tom Ford

Sunglasses | Celine

KavitaCola x

Photos by Frances Davison


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