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Double Denim

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It’s often that I revert back to double denim. A look that always seems justifiable over the years despite being rarely at the height of ‘fashion forward’ style. While fashion fads pretty much always have their moment and then die, double denim never seems to always have a moment of it’s own that prevails. Coming away from heavy fashion conversation, it is a classic look that anyone can wear all year round and it will always looks stylish.

Sometimes it can feel like quite an intense look especially with matching denim colours so I like to mix it up the colours like this, grey denim jeans from Topshop and a more aqua blue denim jacket from Acne. Today I have broken it up with a fur coat as an overlay because despite there being sunshine it still is absolutely freezing in London. Of course I’m wearing my favourite most comfortable Chelsea boots from Reiss and some sparkly rings from Rosie Fortescue jewelry collection.

Shopping credits below. x
Double-Denim-and-Milusha-London-KavitaCola-5Double-Denim-and-Milusha-London-KavitaCola-7Double-Denim-and-Milusha-London-KavitaCola-6Double-Denim-and-Milusha-London-KavitaCola-4Double-Denim-and-Milusha-London-KavitaCola-8 Double-Denim-and-Milusha-London-KavitaCola-9

Photos by Daniel O’Brien

Jeans | Topshop

T shirt | Topshop

Denim jacket | Acne

Chelsea boots | Reiss

Fur coat | Milusha London

Sunglasses | Rayban

Rings | Rosie Fortescue Jewellery

Kavita Cola


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