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I do have a tendency of dressing on a wild card ever so often. Whether it’s the art school student within me, recent artistic events like Frieze London or the subliminal need to go against the grain, dashes of glitter and sparkle always find a little welcoming and comfortable spot in my wardrobe. Taking me away from regular denims, jumpers and cottons I picked up these rather fancy pants in Zara (of course) a few weeks ago and feel like now is the time to wear them before it gets just a little bit too cold.

As a blogger I am naturally looking for fashion inspiration all over. As an avid instagrammer especially more recently, it’s lovely window to see what everyone else is wearing, what I might have missed in the shops or how other people are styling the same thing differently. I’ve always criticised myself for not having a good ‘flow’ on my Instagram page as others or a ‘fluid consistency’ however I keep telling myself not to worry as unfortunately I DO love a splash of glitter, sparkle or tack in my fashion sense, or whatever it may be called. It’s like the conundrum of loving Acne as well as Saint Laurent where in one season Acne might be 50 shades of nude whilst Saint Laurent is all about star prints mixed with glitter.

It’s like that moment you put an outfit on and think ‘what in the hell are you wearing today’ but you’re too far out of the house to go back and change your mind. This is kind of one of these. And although it’s a tangent from beautiful velvets, lovely fur jackets or embroidered cottons, I am a fan of throwing a spanner in the works from time to time, be that in the form of sparkly trousers or a glitter boot (coming soon), it takes me right back to my fashion school days, where anything was allowed – express yo self! x

fancy-pants-by-zara-1 fancy-pants-by-zara-3 fancy-pants-by-zara-4 fancy-pants-by-zara-5 fancy-pants-by-zara-6 fancy-pants-by-zara-7 fancy-pants-by-zara-8 fancy-pants-by-zara-9 fancy-pants-by-zara-15 fancy-pants-by-zara-10fancy-pants-by-zara-11fancy-pants-by-zara-12fancy-pants-by-zara-13fancy-pants-by-zara-14fancy-pants

Fancy pants | Zara

Leather shoes | Mango

I love New York t-shirt | Vintage (similar here)

Handbag | Chanel Vintage available at Vestiaire Collective

Boyfriend denim jacket | Levis

Sunglasses | Rayban

Watch | Cartier

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