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Since the crossbody bag has become a wardrobe staple in my wardrobe, I have always worn it with casual esque attire. I’m talking, trainers, oversized jeans and jumpers. Probably due to it’s easy utilitarian ‘throw on’ purpose, I don’t give the crossbody bag much opportunity to be worn ‘smart’, and I’m talking suited and booted. Inspired by my MCM Worldwide crossbody bag called ‘The Patricia‘, I’m a changed woman (for todays look).

Nowadays it is rare that I dress ‘smart’ however the little studious girl inside me gets the occasional twinge to make myself feel that I do have a ‘proper’ job where it’s required for you dress conventionally smart. I haven’t quite gone as far as the tailored suit and jacket, however a few recent wardrobe members like this Joseph suit jacket (purposefully bought on the larger side), my flared jeans and leopard print booties along with my brightly ready MCM Worldwide crossbody I feel as ‘city girl’ as I’m comfortable with. With regards to the fur pom pom charm accessory, the West London inside of me just couldn’t help myself.

Perfectly sized and structurally smart, this mini crossbody Patricia bag has just the right amount of space you need in order to confidently get your shit done in a day. I do love a bigger bag, however I often end up lugging around way more than I actually need whereas a bag of this size forces you to get it right and pack just the essentials with a couple of wild cards if you’re lucky. The range of this particular MCM Worldwide crossbody bag comes in a few different pop colours as well as the MCM heritage print which you might have seen one of my previous posts. The full shopping details are below. x

mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-25mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-18mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-20 mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-15 mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-21mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-5 mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-16mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-17mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-12mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-10mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-7mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-9 mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-2 mcm-worldwide-bag-kavita-cola-1

Crossbody bag | MCM Worldwide

Tshirt | Pepe Jeans

Flare jeans | Pepe Jeans

Leopard print boots | L.K. Bennett

Suit jacket | Joseph (similar and warmer here)

Sunglasses | Celine

Earrings | Toro by Dinny Hall (kavita15 for my 15% discount)

Photos by Francis Davison

In collaboration with MCM Worldwide

KavitaCola x


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