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CHANEL Fitzrovia KavitaCola 8

It’s often that when I come across a real piece like this gorgeous new AW15 Chanel number, I feel obliged to completely play the rest down. Perhaps it might be influenced with the gym flex that I’m on at the moment for Get The Gloss, where I’m finding it hard to get rid of the trainers as there is constantly some kind of exercise class I need to get to. I am also a sucker for the comfort element of dressing for the week, so any opportunity to be comfy I’ll take it.

This is where the power of red comes in. Red speaks for itself, on the lips, the bag, a pair of shoes or a splash of nail polish or a car of course. There is nothing quite like it. That’s why I feel that when you’re going to go there, don’t over do it and be discreet with all the peripheries. Lisa Eldridge the make up artist with a fantastic YouTube channel (one of the first out there) did a video on red lipstick and for seventeen minutes all she spoke about was red lipstick. It was the way she did it that really stuck with me in an almost etherial sense, the way she spoke about the whys, the hows, the should’s and the should nots – mesmerising.  Kind of like – how can someone speak about one thing for so long yet be so engaging?

Overall we seem to be in agreement of red, when she described that you should wear it with baggy jeans, a jumper and minimal make up when you are out shopping on a Saturday. Just about hit the nail on the head here. Best to use this with those cannot-be-bothered days which I know we all have.  I’m a big fan of mixing similar hues of colours in clothes, washed black jeans with a muddy jumper and some work Nike trainers that mull in there in the mix. Almost a big grubby, but topped off with a splash of red and you really are equipped and ready to go. Full outfit details below.  x

CHANEL Fitzrovia KavitaCola 1 - COPYCHANEL Fitzrovia KavitaCola  5CHANEL Fitzrovia KavitaCola 3CHANEL Fitzrovia KavitaCola 4_1040094 copy

Jumper | Zara

Jeans | Free People

Trainers | Nike | similar here

Bag | Chanel available at Chanel Boutiques

Hand bracelet | Aamaya by Priyanka

Four leaf clover gold necklace | Alex Monroe

Lips | Russian Red by Mac

Dog | Mr. Wigglesworth from Wales

Kavitacola x


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