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I bought this boyfriend tweed jacket this time last year, to pleasantly find that it’s right back into stock again this season. It’s admittedly not the warmest of jacets, but perfect for slinging on and layering on top of knits or tees. I think this savvy little tweed purchase from Isabel Marant Etoile actually serves well all year round as it’s neutral in grey, having a sophisticated old gent vibe about it that reminds me of all things chic and french. These are the perfect go to-s for throwing on over a slippery dress that’s really girly and giving it a bit of a harder edge.

I have styled this up simply in mostly black with a few accents starting from the bottom with some leopard print booties from L.K. Bennett. I think a good pair of leopard print boots are worth the investment as they never really go out of fashion, whilst they are perfect tool to style up a look that’s verging on boring. It’s like adding that little bit extra but not too much.

Oddly I’m not a belt person at all, but things have changed since I found this lovely belt in Mango (really similar to the Saint Laurent one) but a fraction of the price (I say no more) and now I think I’m a convert. I love good slinky knitwear and this thermal esque nudey knit from Topshop is right up my street. They seem to have loads more colours in store too so be sure to check them out. I have also attached some shopping alternatives below from Warehouse and Asos for some knitted simple basics. Full outfit details to my look are below. x

tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-2 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-4 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-5 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-7 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-10 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-9tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-11 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-12 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-13 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-14 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-15 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-17 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-16tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-18 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-20tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-23 tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-22tweed-jacket-isabel-marant-kavita-cola-24Photos by Frances Davison

Leopard print boots | L.K. Bennett (similar here)

Herringbone wool tweed blazer | Isabel Marant Etoile (similar here)

Jeans | J Brand (similar here)

Belt | Mango

Handbag | Gucci

Ribbed crop jumper | Topshop (similar here and here)

Sunglasses | Celine

Necklace | Rosie Fortescue Jewellery

Hair colour balayage by Limoz Logli 

Kavita Cola x





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