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It’s so weird that during summer it’s almost impossible to even consider wearing knitted jumpers. Finally getting used to the idea of winter (with the help of some jingle bells coming) I grabbed first dibs on this quintessentially winter knit from Isabel Marant. At it ’tis the season, I have attached loads of cool amazingly quintessential knits below to suit multiple bank balances below.

I think there is a fine line between that knitted jumper thats ‘just right’ or borderline Bridget Jones at Christmas time. Think more chic Scottish-estate-in-the-winter side of things and not Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer esque. Call me boring (that’s me calling myself boring) but once you have acquired your perfect winter knit, keep it simple. There’s something slightly Coco Chanel about a good old school knit and she always preached simplicity. When I said this I mean, no pigtails, mental jeans or multicoloured boots.

I wore mine with my finest Balenciaga boots, purchased a couple of years back and still going strong, though slightly on the tight side as I bought my exact size *goddamn* (go half a size up), my Gucci as ever, and one of my favourite pairs of straight leg Topshop jeans, a fresh blow dry from Duck and Dry and my favourite bits of Dinny Hall jewellery. I have a discount code there at the moment for 15% off which is: kavita15 – so please go CRAZY because quite frankly I want it all. I am slowly weaning myself in with the Toro medium earrings, Toro Necklace and some tiny diamond Shuga studs for my extra piercings.

All the deets below. x

kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-2kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-17 kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-1kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-18 kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-3kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-19 kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-11 kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-5kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-13kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-14kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-15kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-12kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-8kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-4kavita-cola-wears-isabel-marant-knit-9

Wool knit jumper | Isabel Marant (similar here and here)

Jewellery | Dinny Hall (Toro necklace and Toro medium twist earrings and Shuga studs)

Straight leg jeans | Topshop

Black boots |  Balenciaga

Handbag | Gucci

Sunglasses | Celine

Blow dry | Duck and Dry


Photos by Frances Davison

Kavita Cola x


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